We would like to thank you for your interest and trust in our Volunteering Program.


We are so gratefu for your love and support!Application form for our Volunteering Program for the 12th Athens Half-Marathon (2024) - is closed.

If you have an active interest to be part of our team - Please don't hesitate to contact us via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -including Name / Lastname and mobile- if there's any cancellation from the volunteers selected for the upcoming event 2024 - will make sure to contact you and fill in the rest of the contact details for you.


Please, read carefully the terms and conditions of participation at the bottom of this page and the section RACES> so that you are fully aware of the rights and obligations that stem from your volunteering participation. 

We can't wait to welcome you in our team!



TERMS OF PARTICIPATION in the Volunteer Program

• Each volunteer participates in the event on his / her own free will. 

• Volunteers of the event are those who have submitted the online application and have received a placement response message.By submitting the application, the volunteers fully accept all terms. All adults and minors starting from the age of 13 and over may participate in the Athens Half-marathon volunteer program if they participate through a school or volunteer team under the condition that the potential volunteer is accompanied by an adult volunteer. In this case, the application is submitted by the person in charge of the group or the parent / guardian who exercises parental responsibility, and fully accepts these conditions.

• If the application / declaration of participation is submitted by a third party, it is considered that the participant agrees to make available his / her personal data to SEGAS and the Organizing Committee of the Match through the third person.

• With the application form, the participant agrees that his / her personal data are processed for the purpose of the race course. Any other processing of the personal data of the volunteer is only possible upon the consent of the data subject for the specific stated purpose.

• All volunteers must respect and abide by the race regulations before, during and after the race.

• General training session is mandatory for all volunteers who are involved for the first time.

• Volunteers of the event consent to photos being taken during their voluntary work by the photographers and the official Photographic Agency of the event, as well as their image being taken during the video recording, filming or other visual recording of the event. The volunteers of the event agree with the use of these downloads and their reproduction in combination with their full name. The relevant commercial rights of the above are solely for SEGAS and the participants have no right to ownership of the above photographic or other downloads, nor the right to full or partial compensation for this reason.

• Participants in the event consent to the use of the image taken during their duties from the organizers, sponsors or other affiliates of the event for publicity and future promotion, without any right to full or partial compensation for this reason.

• SEGAS and the Organizing Committee of the race bear no responsibility in the event of an injury, damage or any other sort of harm to the volunteer or participant in the event or spectator.

• During voluntary work, volunteers ought to wear the volunteer T-shirt and windbreaker over another personal garment so that the word 'Volunteer' appears to be distinct and recognizable by runners and viewers.

• During voluntary work, the accreditation that defines the placement and the exact spot of voluntary work must be visible (above clothing).

• During voluntary work, volunteers must be present in the position they were placed and under no circumstances change their place voluntarily during the races. Change of position is only possible when the Volunteer Program Office advises accordingly on the situation.

• During the voluntary work, volunteers must follow the instructions of the team-leader of each volunteer station.

• During the voluntary work, volunteers ought to sign upon their arrival and departure by filling in the attendance list and immediately notify the Volunteer Program office and their team-leader for the absence or delay of arrival. Without a signature in place, the volunteer is considered absent.

• In the course of the voluntary work volunteers must immediately inform the team leader of absence.

• Receipt of clothing and accreditation is completed by showcasing identity or any other additional legal identification document. A third party may receive them on behalf of the volunteer only if the Volunteer's Office has been informed through the volunteer's application, via an e-mail or via a certified statement.

• Accreditation is personal, non-transferable and involves the presence of the person selected in the specific placement of the voluntary work.

• In the event of a crisis, accreditation is obligatorily delivered to the Volunteer Program Office. A new accreditation is issued when a volunteer constitutes a replacement.

• If a volunteer’s accreditation is used by another volunteer or any other person non registered to the Volunteer Program, both persons involved will be excluded from the Volunteer Program.

• In the event of an absence on the day of the race without prior notice, the volunteer will be excluded from the upcoming event held by the Federation.

• In volunteer’s absence the person must return the clothing and accreditation, or else the potential volunteer will be forever excluded from the Volunteer Program.

• The material managed by volunteers during their work in all areas of the event belongs to SEGAS and is available according to the instructions of the authorized/ responsible person.

• It is not allowed to dispose any of the material to anyone.

• The use of the materials is realized always in accordance with the instructions laid down by the Organizing Committee and only for the purposes of the organization.

• All volunteers accept that their personal data are provided to the cooperating Insurance Company that SEGAS utilizes for safety purposes. Under this context, SEGAS ensures that volunteers are insured in case an accident occurs during the race.

• A certificate of attendance will be received by all those who have successfully completed their voluntary tasks and signed off upon leaving the group's station.

• On the occasion of a double placement, volunteers must sign in /out both attendance sheets.

• The certificate of participation is posted on the website tab for volunteering, a month after the end of the event.

• Simultaneous application as a volunteer and a runner, results in automatic cancellation of the volunteer's application.

• The Organizing Committee may set a morning and an afternoon shift of voluntary work based on the need.

• In regard to the placement, the Organizing Committee together with the Volunteer department reserves the right not to place the volunteer or group in the position that has been filled in the application, since it is necessary to predominantly meet the needs of the race lead by rational criteria and secondarily fulfill the wishes of each applicant. In addition, the O.C in collaboration with the Volunteer department may request a volunteer to withdraw from the event upon receiving a justification.

• Participation in the Volunteer Program does not constitute in any way a job, nor justifies a claim for remuneration, but it is only a voluntary offer of services within the framework of the goals set by the organization.