Volunteers truly are the driving force and the soul of the games.

The Volunteering Program of the Athens Half Marathon aims at supporting runners and their dream for an intense sports experience.

Volunteering is a valuable opportunity for individuals to share their passion to give back to society, thus transmitting a strong message of collectivity. Volunteering is not mandatory, it does not yield a monetary remuneration and, yet, it benefits personal growth and development.

Based on the principle of selfless offer, the Volunteering Program of the Athens Half Marathon inspires a large and enthusiastic team of volunteers who, through their position during the day of the race, provide a high quality service to the runners and offer, through their support, large smiles to us all.

Offering back – selflessness – Contribution – Effort- Communication – Respect – Solidarity are some of the fundamental principles that transcend the unique work of our volunteers. It Is truly a Life Statement!

Through the Volunteering Program, volunteers obtain essential experiences and become fellow explorers of our culture and sports history. Irrespective of age, everyone enjoys the chance to become member of a team which, in just a few hours, will offer them memories and impulses that will last a lifetime.

So make this sporting event truly unique with your presence and fill in the application form for the Volunteering Program.

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