Immerse yourself in the ultimate Athens Half Marathon experience with our newly launched official mobile app, available for free download


Participants can allow friends and family to follow their progress in the race in real-time by logging in to the "My Race" feature with their personal App-Login consisting of the initials AT: followed by their registration code (e.g. AT:700000) and their last name (e.g. SMITH)

* An email with the personal App-login details of each runner and relevant instructions will be send via email.

How does Livetracking work?

It works by using GPS Data to give the true position of the runner in the course, rather than only calculating from your most recent checkpoint.

The Livetracking feature is optional; friends and family can follow a participants' progress during the race even if the runner hasn't activated the Livetracking option, however Livetracking offers a more precise tracking experience. In case a runner chooses not to activate the Livetracking feature, their position in the course will be recorded based on their split times at the checkpoints.

No login data is required for spectators. They can simply start using the app and follow their Favorite participants.

Favourites Participants

The user can store up to 20 runners as Favourites and follow their progress through the race in real-time.


Through the “Leaderboard” framework the user can stay updated on the results and split times of the leading men and women. 

News & Information

The user can explore the latest updates in the "News & Information" section.



Capture your Athens Half Marathon moments using the Selfie framework and share them on social media with #athenshalfmarathon, #AHM2024, and #SEGAS. Join us in celebrating the spirit of the race!


The Athens Half Marathon app is available for free for both iOS and Android devices.


* Available on Apple iPhone iOS13 and newer models
* Compatible with Android Version 7 and later versions