SEGAS (the Hellenic Athletics Federation) and the City of Athens/OPANDA begin the grand effort to “restart” the road race events in Greece and return to a social lifestyle, starting with the staging of Athens Half Marathon event in March 20th 2022, supported by the Region of Attica, and Event Grand Sponsor ERGO Insurance.

The 2022 Athens Half Marathon event will apply all safety rules and regulations of the National Public Health Organization, and abide by the “Road Races Staging Health Protocol” that shall be regularly reviewed in accordance with the indications by the relevant Health Committee of Ministry of Sports.

According to the current Health Protocol, only runners with a valid* COVID-19 Vaccination or Recovery Certificate until the day of the race can participate at the 2022 Athens Half Marathon event.

For the limited entries available, the registration period will start on Friday January 28th 2022 (at 02.00 pm) exclusively via our official website ( As we want to make sure you have all the necessary information, please make sure to check out the event’s COVID-19 Cancellation Policy before registering to the event.

SEGAS, the leader of running events in Greece, is really looking forward to continuing the successful last year’s momentum, always in accordance to all guidelines of the Health and Public Authorities, hoping that a successful Athens Half Marathon event in March will be the starting point of an equally successful year that will lead up to the staging of the Authentic Marathon in November, the biggest and most successful sport, running, and impactful event in Greece.

* The validity of COVID-19 Certificates is based on the guidelines of the Greek State and the National Public Health Organization.