We are happy to announce that registrations for the 2023 Athens Half Marathon event will open on Tuesday 24th January at noon (local time).

The event of 2023 Athens Half Marathon, which will be held on 19th March 2023, will include the following races:

• Half Marathon, participation limit 8.000 runners

• OPAP 5km Road Race, participation limit 10.000 runners and

• Family Run, participation limit 1.000 runners (500 children and 500 adults) | Registrations for this race will open on a different date, which will be announced soon.

Individual registrations will start on Tuesday 24th January at noon (local time) and will be available only through this website. We encourage you to read through the event's Cancellation Policy, as well as the event's Terms and Conditions of Participation & Registration before you submit your entry.