The counting down for the first big event of the year, the 2014 Athens Half Marathon to be held on 04 May 2014 in the city centre of Athens, has begun.

With less than one month remaining as we are reaching May 4th, the main moto of the event is “We are the Heart of the City”.

The interest shown by the running community of Athens and of the entire Greece, leads us to the conclusion that the participation record of the

10,000 runners that participated in the event last year is about to become history. Those who wish to participate in this year’s event ( in the Half Marathon Race or the 5km Road Race) are invited to submit their registrations before April 17th, through the event’s website, Those who wish to participate in the 3km Road Race should submit their registration through the website of the City of Athens,


Athens will put on its brightest smile on May 4th, with thousands of runners participating in the major running festival. Within only three years, the Athens Half Marathon is now ranked among the best of the running events held in Greece. Supported by BMW and its other sponsors and partners, the Athens Half Marathon will soon reach the participation standards of the Athens Marathon, the Authentic.