The Runners' Center & ERGO Half Marathon EXPO, from where all registered runners shall pick-up their bib number and race kit, will be hosted at the Faliro Indoor Hall & Exhibition Centre of Athens (TAEKWONDO Venue), at the Olympic Faliro Coastal Zone the following days and hours: 

Thursday 7 March 2024: 13.00 – 20.00
Friday 8 March 2024: 10.00 – 20.00
Saturday 9 March 2024: 10.00 – 18.00

IMPORTANT NOTE: NO bib number and/or race kits can be picked-up on the race day.


At the Runners' Center entrance an Information Desk will be operating for any inquiry on the bib number pick-up procedure or any other kind of information regarding the event.

About seven (7) days before the race, all runners who have successfully completed the registration process will receive an email, informing them about their exact bib number.
The runners who received this email may proceed directly to the relevant Distribution Station, from where they may collect their bib numbers by necessarily presenting the following documents, otherwise it will NOT be possible to collect their bib number and race kit:

1) copy of the above mentioned email and
2) an official identification document (ID card or passport).
            *In case of minor participant without ID card, the Birth Certificate is required

The runners who have not received the above mentioned email with their bib number, may receive a copy of their bib number confirmation note from the Registration Confirmation Desk. Then, with this note and their identification document, they can collect their race kit from the Distribution Stations.

In case any runner is unable to pick up their own bib number and race kit, they may appoint a representative to do so. In this case, the representative must present the following documents, otherwise it will NOT be possible to collect the participant's bib number:

1) photocopy of the runners' ID or passport and
2) copy of the email with the runner's bib number

Runners who wish to amend their entry or are facing any problem regarding their registration, should address the Runners' Services & Registration Management Desk.