Entrance to the Registration Center (by runners and/ or visitors) will be possible ONLY with the presentation of a Certificate of Vaccination against COVID-19 or proof of Recovery from COVID-19, up to 15 days before the participation kit pick-up day.

The HALF MARATHON EXPO will be hosted in the SERAFIO SPORTS & EXHIBITION take place on 8-11 September 2021 (Pireos 160 & Petrou Ralli, 118 54 Athens)

The HALF MARATHON EXPO, from where all regitered runners shall pick-up their bib number (timing chip embedded) and race kit, will be hosted in the SERAFIO SPORTS & EXHIBITION CENTRE the following days and hours:

Wednesday 8 September 2021: 10.00 - 20.00
Thursday 9 September 2021: 10.00 – 20.00
Friday 10 September 2021: 10.00 - 20.00
Saturday 11 September 2021: 10.00 – 20.00

About seven days before the race, all runners who have successfully registered for any of the event's races will receive an email, informing them about their exact bib number. The runners who have this email along with them may proceed directly to the relevant Station, from where they may collect their bib numbers and race kit. In order to collect their race packages, the runners need to present a copy of the above mentioned email, an identification document (ID card or passport), as well as a Certificate of Vaccination against COVID-19 or proof of Recovery from COVID-19.

In case a runner is unable to pick up his / her own bib number and registration kit, it is possible for another person to pick it up. In this case, that person must have a photocopy of the runners' ID or passport, copy of the email with their bib numberr, as well as a copy of the Vaccination Certificate or proof of Recovery. Otherwise it will NOT be possible to collect the participant's bib number.

Directions to Serafio Complex (Gkazi) by public transportation

The following bus lines have routes that pass near Serafio Complex:

• Bus: 049, 815, 914

• Suburban Railway: Π2Α, Π3, Π3Β

• Metro: M1, M3

• Trolley: 21

In the framework of the current Protocol For Road Races, NO NEW ENTRIES will be accepted at that point. Furthermore, it WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE at that stage to proceed to any entry change or transfer - Each entry and bib number is personalized and matched with a specific place at the start area and therefore it cannot be given to anyone else than the duly registered runners



In order to serve all the registered runners in the event, the Registration Center will operate according to the following rules:

  1. The Participating Runners who will visit the Registration Center to receive their bib numbers and race kits will be served from Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11

    September, based on the Race in which they participate. More specifically:

* 5km Road Races: Wednesday 8 September & Thursday 9 September, from 10.00 to 20.00.

* Half Marathon Race: Friday 10 September & Saturday 11 September, from 10.00 to 20.00.

* In case deemed necessary by the Organizing Committee, the participants will be further subdivided between the two days defined above per race, while

specific pick-up times will be determined depending on the number of participants.

* Runners will receive electronic information regarding the exact day and time they will have to arrive to collect their bib numbers. This information will be

communicated to the participants one week before the race.

  1. The participant (or his/her representative who has arrived to pick-up the bib number and race kit on his/her behalf) will be asked to show organizers of the

    event the vaccination certificate against COVID-19 or certificate of recovery from COVID-19, before receiving their participation kit.

  2. The area of the Registration Center will be arranged in such a way as to maintain the required social distancing of 1.5m-2m between those present.

  3. The entrance to the premises of the Registration Center will be allowed gradually and until the completion of a maximum of attendees at the same time. At

    the entrance of the Registration Center there will be staff, who will monitor the flow of people and will temporarily suspend the entrance in case the maximum

    number of visitors is already inside the Registration Center.

  4. Upon arrival at the Registration Center, participants will be advised to use a protective mask for as long as they remain on site. An antiseptic hand gel will be

    available at each bib number distribution station.

  5. Especially for the case of group registrations and in case there is a request for group pick-up of bib numbers and race kits from the team leader, there will be a

    separate communication in order to determine a specific day and time of pick-up, by appointment.