Start Time

The 5km Road Race starts at 11.45am and finishes at 13.12

*The race will take place in one section.


Age Limit for Participation

In order for anyone to be eligible to participate in the 5km Road Race, he/she needs to be at least 12 years old (born in 2010 or older).

Special Conditions for Participation due to COVID-19

The right to register and participate in the races of the 2022 Athens Half Marathon event, have the runners with a valid* COVID-19 Vaccination or Recovery Certificate until the day of the race.

* The validity of COVID-19 Certificates is based on the guidelines of the Greek State and the National Public Health Organization.


Before leaving your residency

Before leaving your residency make sure that you have the following:

• Race Bib and safety pins (timing chip is embedded in the race bib)

• Kit bag with the race bib sticker stamped on, clearly visible.

Clothing Management

Runners should leave their kit bag at the identified area on Zappeion Megaro, at least 20 minutes before the Start. Right after their finish runners may collect back their kit bag from the same area assisted by volunteers, presenting their race bib.

ATTENTION: All kit bags need to have the runner's race bib sticker stamped on, clearly visible. All bags should be well closed. Please make sure that your kit bag does not contain any travel documents, jewelry, money or medicines. The Organizing Committee bears no responsibility in case of loss or damage of any valuable items in the bags.

Any bags that are not collected after the end of the race are stored at the Athens Marathon Office (SEGAS) for a period of 15 days. After this time the bags and their contents are discarded.


Arriving at the Start

The participants must make sure that they are at the Start Area 15 minutes before the starting time of the race and take place in their allocated starting blocks, ie 11:30am for the first race and 12:30pm for the second.

The Organizing Committee recommends participants to use the METRO for their transportation to/ from the Race area, following the instructions that will be emailed to all participants in the last week before the Race.

Warm-up Area

Runners may warm up in the vertical streets of Stadiou Str.

ATTENTION: Given that the Half Marathon Race is in progress, the runners participating in the 5km Road Race are kindly asked to follow the instructions and guidelines of the Organizing Committee staff as they arrive at the race start area.

Starting Blocks

No later than 15 minutes before the start, the runners must have taken their place at the start. Elite athletes with "yellow" bib numbers - marked "Block 1", will occupy the first rows of the 1st block at the starting line. Runners are kindly requested to grant this position to athletes who will compete for distinction, demonstrating "fair play".

The runners will be placed in seven (7) blocks for each section (race) and will start in waves.

Runners are alllocated in starting blocks according to the best finish time they achieved during the years 2018 - 2022, as stated by them in their entry form and checked by the SEGAS Marathon Office. Runners who haven't indicated a finish time on their entry form are automaticly allocated in one of the last two blocks.

ATTENTION: Starting the race from a different block than the designated one will result to the disqualification of the runner while no indication of his/her finish time will appear in the Official Results of the Race.

Runners are not allowed to participate in the race without a bib number.







Elite Athletes and the best 950 finish times



the next best 1000 finish times



the next best 1000 finish times



the next best 1000 finish times



the next best 1000 finish times



the next best 1000 finish times



the next best 1000 finish times



the next best 1000 finish times



the next best 1000 finish times



the last athlete crosses the starting mat



Feed Zone

A feed zone is available along the course. Bottled water is offered to the runners at the Start, Finish as well as the available feed zone.

5km Road Race - Services

Point (km)









1.9km - Vas. Konstantinou & Rizari Str.




Check point 1.9km

4,1 - Akadimias & Ch. Trikoupi Str.


Check point 4,1km

5 Finish







Time Limit

The 5km Road Race will be concluded 60 minutes after the last runner of the last block crosses the Strating Line. The 5km Road Race will be concludes at 13.12'. In case you need more time to complete the race (see timetable and feed zones closing hours below), you should know that you continue ON YOUR OWN responsibility.


Digital chronometer is available at the Finish.

Timing - Results

Electronic timing will be recorded at both the Start and the Finish. Additional timing check points are found along the course. The runners who have no timing indication at the Start, the Finish and/or the split timing check points will be disqualified. In order to be registered in the Official Results, runners need to use the race bib with the embedded timing chip they have collected from the Athens Half Marathon EXPO & Registration Centre.

Only those to finish the race within the given time limit are included in the Official Race Results.

The electronic timing of the 5km Road Race, as well as the publication of the Official Results has been undertaken by a timing company. For this reason, all runners must wear their bib number with the built-in timing chip on their chest. The bib number should be constantly visible and not overlapping by anything throughout the Race.

Runners Dropping Out

The last group of runners is followed by a bus that picks up those who cannot or do not want to finish the race. If a runner drops out for any reason, he/she needs to get in contact with a staff member or volunteer of the Organizing Committee at any point of the course.

In case no medical assistance is needed, the runner may:

(a) remain where he/she stopped and wait for any authorized vehicle of the Organizing Committee to pick hp/her up and take him/her to the Finish,

(b) remain where he/she stopped and wait for the bus that follows the last group of runners and picks up those who drop out, or

(c) head to the Finish on his/her own responsibility.

The use of a mask is mandatory in all vehicles,
which will be provided by the driver.


Post Race Services

Immediate medical assistance is offered by the event's medical staff at the Finish Line. Just after the finish, runners are offered a finishers' medal, bottled water, isotonic drinks, refreshments and bananas. Then, the runners may proceed to pick up their clothing kit bag from exactly where they left it, presenting their race bib. Volunteers are always present to assist the runners.

NOTE: Any bags that are not collected after the end of the race are stored at the Athens Marathon Office (SEGAS) for a period of 15 days. After this time the bags and their contents are discarded.

Changing Rooms

Due to restrictive health measures this service is not provided.



Distinction Medals will only be awarded to the first three Men and Women of General Ranking.

All runners to succesfully finish the race receive a finishers’ medal, and may download their personalized participation certificate after the announcement of the Official Race Results.

The unofficial results for all participants are announced on our website after the end of the race, giving the opportunity to anyone interested to submit a written objection within five (5) calendar days. After investigating and resolving any objections, the Official Results are announced on the website of the event.


Photo Services & Participation Certificate

The Athens Half Marathon Organizing Committee is collaborating with the well-known International Photo Agency, from the website of which runners are able to view and order their personal photos 24-hours after the event, as well as download their personalized participation certificate after the announcement of the Official Race Results.